3 Reasons Why We Give Up Our Hobbies & Passions — And 3 Ways We Can Take Them Back!

Creating time to pursue our hobbies and passions has been shown to improve workplace performance, mental well-being and physical health. So, why do so many of us give up on them?

1. We live in a result-driven society where our worth is determined largely by how we compare to others — and to our past selves.

2. We are taught to fear the unknown (uncertainty) and value ‘the known’ (security).

3. We fear disapproval and rejection.

1. Detaching from the idea that ‘meaning’ can only be derived from external recognition.

2. Balancing future wants/needs with present joy.

3. Identifying and reining in our ego-driven thoughts, limiting beliefs and perceptions.

I’m a performance coach, speaker & author. I endured Engineering at Cambridge University and survived management consulting. I like tennis and poetry.

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