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How we all feel leaving 2020 behind…

Failure may not be fun, but it can be valuable. So, how can we take power away from our fear of failure, let go of our negative emotional associations with it, and transform it into a valuable learning experience?

Failure is still heavily stigmatised in many modern-day societies. From a young age, we observe that failure is punished and that success is rewarded. …

Negative (‘constructive’) feedback can be a catalyst for positive change — but only if delivered in the right way. So, how do we stop our constructive feedback from leading to destructive outcomes?

We’ve all been there.

Creating time to pursue our hobbies and passions has been shown to improve workplace performance, mental well-being and physical health. So, why do so many of us give up on them?

Kam Taj

I’m a performance coach, speaker & author. I endured Engineering at Cambridge University and survived management consulting. I like tennis and poetry.

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